Tuesday 207: Wide & Groomed

painting and text by Jessica Ives


Wide and groomed. This painting is for all the first-time snow boarders learning to turn on kind, corduroy bunny slopes. We all remember this honeymoon period. Heal side, toe side, heal side in long, forgiving swoops. Eventually we dare to take the chairlift up to steeper, narrower trails — and we return home with a backside as blue as shadows on snow. 


Every Tuesday morning The Maine and jessicaleeives.com will post a new 207 Painting for sale. For a limited time these small works, each 4 x 4 inches on cradled birchwood panel, will be available for the special price of $207! Click on the image above to access the painting’s sale. New 207 Paintings will post each Tuesday around 5:30am EST and will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis directly through the artist’s website (no longer through a third-party auction platform — yeah for developments in soloprenuerism!). Should a painting not sell by midnight on the Saturday following its original posting, its price will increase to the standard $300 and be available through the store at jessicaleeives.com.

Tuesday 207 Paintings are exclusive to The Maine. They depict the land, the light and the people that make this state a state of wonder. Jessica is editor of The Maine and writes occasionally as The Outsider.