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Month: July, 2010

Master Shots: Timothy Whelan

Bookseller and photographer Timothy Whelan interviewed by Sharon Kitchens Praying to the Pie Gods by Jon Edwards What were the most important things you learned as a photographer’s assistant? To step away from a print and take a good look at it. If it is not working keep trying. If it continues to not be […]


by Jon Levitt

Rara Avis

by Brian Willson Many people wouldn’t even have noticed the big black bird circling slowly in the cloudless blue sky over Beech Hill in Rockport a couple weeks ago. Some certainly would’ve seen the bird—it was good-sized, and flying low above the summit—but then misidentified it as an eagle. A few would’ve recognized it as […]

Out and About with Moxie

by Stewart Engesser Moxie, the official Maine State Beverage, is a carbonated soft drink so uniquely weird tasting that even die-hard fans find it difficult to describe. “All I can say is it tastes like root beer on steroids,” says Merrill Lewis, President of the Moxie Congress, an informal band of Moxie enthusiasts and historians […]

Chanterelle Vodka

by Meghan Flynn

Master Shots: Frank Lavelle

Photographer Frank Lavelle interviewed by Sharon Kitchens Hands What has given you the greatest sense of purpose as a photography teacher? I originally became interested in teaching photography because it was a way of making a living doing something in the photographic field without the pressure of having to produce pictures as a job. As […]


by Jon Levitt

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