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Month: August, 2010

Master Shots: John Goodman

Photographer John Goodman interviewed by Sharon Kitchens Breakfast / April 1987 What were the most important things you learned as a photographer’s assistant?  What does your work have in common with Mr. (Minor) White’s? Minor White was a brilliant mentor who taught me the difference between seeing and looking.  Our work is extremely different in […]

Keeping Score at the Miniature Golf Course

by Stewart Engesser I’ve jumped off cliffs in Crete, seen thieves tossed off Chinese trains to almost certain death, and been threatened at gunpoint in New Orleans. I’ve stood face to face with a wild Grizzly, eaten rotten shark, and survived the attack of the dreaded Gomar, a Venezuelan scorpion known for its ability to […]

Germinating in Portland

text and photos by David Homa (Background: A few months ago Maine based entrepreneur Eli Cayer took on an all but abandoned single-story warehouse bay in Portland’s East Bayside neighborhood with the idea of reusing it as the Urban Farm Fermentory, a fermentation center for food (sauerkraut, pickles…) and beverage (cider, and wine) fermentations.  As the fermentory evolved, Cayer’s […]


text and photos by Brian Willson Last month I reported here about the black vulture I saw soaring in the blue above Beech Hill in Rockport, a species that’s still rare in Maine but becoming less so. It’s just the latest in a long line of birds whose breeding territories are creeping northward into our […]

A Morning Swim

text and photos by Jessica Stammen It is six o’clock on Saturday, July 31st and six swimmers – accompanied by one kayak, one canoe, one paddleboard, and one dog named Trapper – touch toes to water at the start of a six mile journey.  From the boat launch at Norton’s Pond in Lincolnville we will travel […]

Master Shots: Kris Larson

Photographer Kris Larson interviewed by Sharon Kitchens Wayne Robinson/Rasco’s Junkyard, Machasiport/May 16, 2008 What is your earliest memory of photography? How did it come to you or how did you find it? The Family of Maine, being the book of the monumental 503 image show put together for the Museum of Modern Art (New York) […]

Maine Summer Cheeses

by Margaret Hathaway This time of year, when dairy animals spend their days munching outside, their milk is plentiful and sweet. Traditionally, summer is the season to enjoy light, creamy cheeses: fresh chévre, mascarpone, and ricotta pair wonderfully with seasonal fruits and vegetables. If you buy from a small-scale producer at the farmers’ market (or […]


by Jon Levitt

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