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Month: September, 2010

Preserving the Last of the Summer Tomato

text and photos by Allison Carroll Duffy This has been a great growing season for most folks, it seems, thanks to the incredibly warm weather we had for much of the summer.  My vegetable gardens generally did well also–except for my tomatoes, which were quite another story.  For the past several years since moving to […]

No Rest for the Permie

text and photos by David Homa Well, the 2010 growing season was amazing if you had irrigation, but other than that  we couldn’t complain about sunny days and temperatures soaring into the high eighties and nineties.  It was a good year for both perennial and annual plantings. Now that summer is over, we are faced […]

The Chickadee Trick

text and photos by Brian Willson Late-season birding comes with challenges here at the 44th parallel. In May and June the woods and hedgerows burst with fountains of song—warblers, vireos, thrushes, sparrows—and a bird’s plumage is at its cleanest and most colorful, as if it’s just come out of the laundry. Plus, its whole early-season […]

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

text and photos by Jessica Stammen “I looked up and there she was, like Botecelli’s Venus rising out of primordial mists.  I fell in love; and I think I’d have followed her anywhere.”  So said Drew towards the end of our six mile swim adventure. His Venus was Kea Tessyman, a member of our support […]

Grain Surfboards: Your Friendly Neighborhood Surf Shop

text by Grain Surfboards, photos by Nick LaVecchia Since we started building boards, we’ve spent quite a bit of time exploring our coastlines. We’ve visited dozens of surf shops, some of our favorites we’ve stopped at over and over, just to drool over what other shapers/ builders are doing. Building boards in Maine, we’re a […]


by Jon Levitt

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