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Month: October, 2010

Garlic Planting

text by Margaret Hathaway and photos by Karl Schatz Frost has finally taken the last of the tomatoes, and we’ve put most of our gardens–with the exception of the broccoli, leeks and those hardy greens–to bed for the winter. It feels a little strange this time of year to be marking rows, digging out trenches […]

Grain Surfboards: Homegrown

text (adapted from) Grain Surfboards, photos by Nick LaVecchia Since we started building surfboards, what we’ve enjoyed most is the pure joy that people get when they get to see their board or surf it for the first time. In the last few years, there’s been a real shift taking place. Wood boards are seeing […]

Catch and Release

text and photos by Jessica Stammen Rivers have been written about rivers. Ideas, images like fish are catch and release, catch and release. This could be the same one, again. Still, I set the hook …because in this river I stand, fly fishing with my brothers and my dad. It is an endurance event standing […]

Master Shots: Bruce Brown

Collector Bruce Brown in his own words and as researched by Sharon Kitchens Little Calf Island, 2000, by Gifford Ewing (Sorrento) I’m a Portland native. I came to take art seriously with (my) first purchase of a painting by Stephen Etnier of South Harpswell seen while I was gathering information on Maine artists to include in an […]

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