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Month: November, 2010

Winter Surfing at Higgins Beach

text and photos by Jessica Stammen I saw Jaws for the first time when I was in the second grade.  I was at my friend Toby’s house and it was a week or so before my parents took my brothers and I on our first vacation to the ocean.  We lived in West Central Ohio […]

Photo Essay: Winter Surfing in Maine by Nick LaVecchia

photos by Nick LaVecchia


text and photos by Brian Willson These fading days of November, on my hikes at Beech Hill in Rockport and vicinity, I see and hear far fewer birds than I did just a few short weeks ago. Far northern species have begun appearing at this latitude—for instance, an American tree sparrow popped up out of […]

Hello, Cheesy Polynesia of the Mind!

text and photo by Stewart Engesser In the blurry, sleepwalk days immediately following the birth of my daughter, we spent a lot of time together, prostrate on the floor, as my daughter wept, wailed, and struggled to express her true thoughts and feelings. In that way, it was not unlike a lot of relationships I’ve […]

Facial Hair Had Me at Hello

text by Lisa Brodar No man can consider himself stylish this season without facial hair. Here in Maine, the rugged, unshaven look has always been worn if not for fashionable but more practical reasons, like keeping warm in colder weather. With winter quickly approaching, I am starting to see previously naked chins covered with soft […]

Alternative Contradance

text by Glen Loper, photos by Lottie Hedley I drive to the American Legion Hall in Belfast several times a year to play mandolin and banjo in contradance bands.  When I arrive, I usually walk into a brightly lit hall to find a throng of fiddles and guitars playing for the community dance with its lines […]

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