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Month: December, 2010

Skateboard Alignment: Portland and Lewiston

Photos by Luke Fuller Lewiston: My old group of friends I skate with. (Starting from the front, Eric McCarthy, Justin Ray, Chris Morrison and Ryan Nolan.) Chris Morrison, Big-ol-nose-slide. Chris Morrison, stairs. Chris Morrison, pump up the jamz. Portland: Good friend Eric McCarthy with a big rock ‘n’ roll! Big air out of the bowl. […]

The Maine 2010 Holidays: Jo Ellen Designs

text and photos Jessica Stammen When not out swimming, hiking, biking, learning to skateboard and surf I manage a little shop in downtown Camden.  The shop is my mom’s, Jo Ellen Designs.  She’s an artist, I’m an artist.  We have a lot of fun putting beautiful things together, things that make us smile and things that […]

The Maine 2010 Holidays: Grandma’s Cookies

text by Margaret Hathaway, photo by Karl Schatz Every year, about this time, a package would arrive from my grandma, Honey. No matter where her children and grandchildren were living–be it in Kansas or Cannes–a tin of buttery cookies, layered in waxed paper, would come to our doorsteps, arriving in time for us to enjoy […]

The Maine 2010 Holidays: So what do you get the Permaculturist that re-uses everything?

text and photo by David Homa So how does the guy who says things like…” the greenest house, is the one you don’t build” and ” the greenest car is the one you don’t buy” … see the holiday season?  I bet you are thinking, that Farmer Dave must be so busy whittling his presents […]

The Maine 2010 Holidays: Sharon Kitchens Gift Ideas

Here are a few gifts I found for $100 or less to satisfy different personalities and lifestyles. Have a happy holiday!! My friends Kate and Steve produce the most delicious chocolate barks and truffles from their home on Isle au Haut, but not as many people know about their Sipping Chocolate and it is so […]

The Maine 2010 Holidays: Stewart Engesser’s A Christmas Howl

text by Stewart Engesser For fifteen years or so, beginning in about 1987, Christmas Eve revolved around three wonderful things: Irish whiskey, corned beef sandwiches, and bellowing out songs of sorrow and disaster with the Connelly Brothers and their extended family of wizened, chain-smoking Irish malcontents. I was raised in a strict, sober Presbyterian household. […]

The Maine 2010 Holidays: Allison Carroll Duffy’s List of What She is Giving

text and photos by Allison Carroll Duffy I’ve always aspired to be one of those people who get their Christmas shopping done and their Christmas cards mailed all by the beginning of December.  However, I simply am not.  And I’m finally coming to realize that I probably never will be.  One of the good things […]

The Maine 2010 Holidays: Brian Willson’s Wish List

The Ghost with Trembling Wings: Science, Wishful Thinking and the Search for Lost Species Seagull 25th Anniversary Mahogany Spruce 6-string Acoustic Guitar with Deluxe Gigbag (currently unavailable) Canon EOS 50D 15.1MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS USM Super Telephoto Lens for Canon SLR Cameras

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