The Maine
An artful dialogue about the wonders of the state.

The Maine 2010 Holidays: Jo Ellen Designs

text and photos Jessica Stammen When not out swimming, hiking, biking, learning to skateboard and surf I manage a little shop in downtown Camden.  The shop is my mom’s, Jo Ellen Designs.  She’s an artist, I’m an artist.  We have a lot of fun putting beautiful things together, things that make us smile and things that […]

The Maine 2010 Holidays: Grandma’s Cookies

text by Margaret Hathaway, photo by Karl Schatz Every year, about this time, a package would arrive from my grandma, Honey. No matter where her children and grandchildren were living–be it in Kansas or Cannes–a tin of buttery cookies, layered in waxed paper, would come to our doorsteps, arriving in time for us to enjoy […]

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