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Month: September, 2011

Swimming to Isleboro

video by Jim Dugan Swimming to Islesboro from Jim Dugan on Vimeo. Two women swim across Penobscot Bay from Ducktrap Harbor, Lincolnville (on the mainland) to Grindle Point lighthouse on Islesboro. They are escorted by a kayak and a sailboat. The water is about 65 degrees. They wear wetsuits. It takes two hours to make […]

Balancing Stones

text and photographys by Jessica Stammen There is a precarious balance to summer.  On a beach of possibilities I sit, but not comfortably, not in Maine. In Maine my body does not sink into the softness of sand, cradled and conformed.  Instead there is an endless landscape of stones worn smooth, peas and fists that […]

Sweet Routine

text and photographs by Brian Willson In conversation with a friend today, I was reminded that I tend to be a man of routine. I’ve had the same breakfast pretty much every day for years. I’ve ridden my bicycle pretty much every dry day for the last two-three seasons. I’ve hiked Beech Hill with my […]

Water Works

text and paintings by Jessica Stammen In the winter I paint windows. They are images I have stored away, views that glimpse out through panes, through trees, towards water. I meditate, hibernate. I paint over old, unsuccessful scenes from the last summer season. Worn dock surfaces and stairs, early morning light, mountain reflections in Megunticook […]

Summer Vacation

We’ve been away for a while . . . outside playing in the sun and water during this short season of bliss. Some of your favorite posts seem to have taken a holiday as well! Please bear with us while we wait for the return of contributions posted between January and June – they will […]

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