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Month: October, 2011

Free For The Taking

an ongoing search by Shannon Thompson As listed in Uncle Henry’s on August 8th, 2011: 4.5′ Ball Python. Breeder Tank, water dish, half log, heating pad and lamp. Used to be held everyday, then I had a daughter, no time for her. Used took be fed in a separate tank, now fed in the same […]


text by Brian Willson, photo by Kristen Lindquist In an email I received earlier this month The Maine’s resident birder, Brian Willson, recounted his then-recent trip to Monhegan Island. In it he included a story about Tom Martin, the island’s “grandfather of birding.”  It begs to be shared. The Monhegan trip was great. I didn’t […]

Season of Sunsets

text and photographs by Brian Willson For how many millennia have we stood transfixed at the vision of a spectacular sunset? What indescribable thoughts of awe and wonder have swirled around the brains of humans—even protohumans—as the light of the setting sun set fire to clouds hovering above the western horizon? How did the solitary […]

Our Daily Bread: A Day At Tinder Hearth

video by Farmrun An account of the breadmaking process at the Tinder Hearth Bakery in Brooksville. Bread is craft and art. It is a process, a meditation, an expression of knowledge, understanding and history. This is bread. Our Daily Bread: A Day At Tinder Hearth. from farmrun on Vimeo. Farmrun is the first dedicated agricultural […]

Free For the Taking

an ongoing search by Shannon Thompson Click on image to read fine print and get a tip for the grill.

First Frost

text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist When I went out to my car for an early morning meeting, running late as usual, I was delayed even further by the unexpected task of having to scrape frost off my car windows. The lush, mown lawns in my neighborhood bore a pale sheen of frost, and the […]

Free For The Taking

an ongoing search by Shannon Thompson

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