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Month: December, 2011

Glow: Solstice Sunrise and Family Tree

photographs by Jessica Stammen

Free For The Taking: Christmas Edition

an ongoing search by Shannon Thompson Someone tell Santa we found his hat. Christmas can go on as planned. Happy Holidays from The Maine!

Santa’s Favorite Cookie

photographs and text by Megan Bedford As a child the basic Kringla was not my favorite holiday cookie, but they were Santa’s, so we made them every year. Now that I am an adult, I imagine Santa appreciated the simplicity of the slightly sweet, soft buttermilk dough after so many sprinkled, powdered, candied confections he’d […]

White Christmas Bird Count

photographs and text by Brian Willson Today being Christmas Bird Count day, I rose before dawn, had a good-sized breakfast, took dog out, and set off for the Rockland Breakwater, where I met fellow counters Kristen, Paul, Ron, Joe, and Paula. The sun rose in a golden line along the southeastern horizon. That golden line […]

Maine Sprout

an ongoing essay in sketches by Colin Page On September 30 at 6:11am Elizabeth gave birth to our daughter. 8 pounds 11 and a half ounces. Everything about this experience has been amazing for me.

Slack Tide

text by Megan Bedford photograph by Justin Gove “The lobsters have… claws?” Our waiter, David, assumed the look of a person who had been informed that Monday was officially being relocated to the weekend. Yes, we three Mainers nodded vigorously, our lobsters have claws. I helped him do the math – your lobster, times three. […]


photograph by Sharon Kitchens text by Jessica Stammen Holiday cookies and Christmas ornaments. Gifts exchanged between friends. I filled my belly with a plate full of Sharon’s White Christmas Dream cookies yesterday while she hung the new ornament I gifted her — her very own Frosty.  There may not be snow on the ground yet, […]

White Christmas Dream Drops

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens at Delicious Musings This year I’m experimenting a bit with baking for holiday cookie tins.  Last year tins were kept simple when my friend Shoshannah and I made beautifully decorated sugar cookies (okay, she did and I inspired by her tried harder than normal to create beauty on sugar with […]

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