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Month: January, 2012

Lost On A Mountain In Maine: The Donn Fendler Story Envisioned On The Silver Screen

photographs and text by Ryan Cook If you’re a born and bred Mainer, chances are you’ve read the book Lost On A Mountain In Maine.  The book has been a part of the Maine studies curriculum since 1972, so you may have read it as fourth grade student or were lucky enough to have Donn Fendler himself come […]

Portland Walk Home, In Red And Blue

photographs by Justin Gove

Developing An Eye For Color

first photograph by Tom Cox all other photographs and text by Jessica Stammen For the past few winters, during the weeks that are made of the dark cold days between holiday festivities and mud, I have been lucky enough to join a dozen or so eighth graders at the local middle school for a special […]

The Book I’m Not Reading

text by Lacy Simons In his recent op-ed in the New York Times Richard Russo called Lacy Simons a “talented young bookseller.” Indeed she is. Lacy owns, operates and otherwise curates Hello Hello Books, an independent bookshop in Rockland. It’s a terrible irony: now that I own a bookshop, I have a lot less time […]

Pity The Pinder

photographs and text by Tony Oppersdorff This circular pound on Rte. 126 in Jefferson was constructed in 1829. Joy go with him who attempts to impound an estray, for with such an attempt comes a swarm of vexations,petty yet powerful as the wasps and hornets of Canaan. — Samuel Watson, Anomalies of Fence Law, 1877 […]

In Search Of Snow

photographs by Jessica, Gregory and Tom Stammen No snow to shovel. No ice to skate. Tap-tap, crack! Crunch-crunch!  No snow to make snowshoe tracks. ~ I dream of winter zipping, whipping down the hill me, my sled and I. haiku by Gregory Stammen


text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist painting by Eric Hopkins Transportation is the name of my new book of poetry, my first, received this morning from the printer. And transported is how I feel to finally have a “real” book through which to share my poetry with people. The only shortfall of the book is […]

Dreams And Synchronicity

text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist This one’s a bit arcane. Last night I dreamed I was editing a document for my director. He had a word in the document, “nouses,” that I questioned him about. I thought he was trying to write the plural of the French word “nous” or “we.” Remember, this is […]

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