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Month: March, 2012

Swimming to Islesboro: Part Two

memo by the Maine Department of Transportation text by Jessica Stammen video by Jim Dugan “As if swimming there were so preposterous.” This was my friend Shannon’s response to the MDOT spoof memo above. Yesterday The Huffington Post’s story, Maine Department of Transportaion Ad Making Fun Of Local Residents Accidentally Runs In Newspaper quotes the […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #3248

Recent status update from a Bates student: Thing #3248 I love about Maine: It’s 35 degrees outside, and people are lined up for ice cream at Dairy Joy. This is MY kind of state!

Katahdin: Finding Winter

photographs and text by Justin Gove If you’re like myself you probably spent the last several months in a state of bewilderment and mild depression, a condition undoubtedly brought on by this horrid snowless non-winter. Just as I was about to give up all hope, sell my skis, and take up golfing my spirit was […]

Red Buds

text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist The world was in motion today. Gusty wind created white caps on the small patch of the river by my office. Branches swirled. Crows swept past the windows. Downtown, everyone was rushing on the sidewalks to get to where they were going, in out of the wind and cold. […]

Yellow Warbler

photograph by Brian Willson Easter is upon us. I’ll take this sweet yellow bird over a marshmallow peep any day. From Brian: This is a singing male yellow warbler. I took the photo on 16 May 2009 at Beech Hill. These guys (and many other wood-warblers) will start arriving in early May. The yellow warbler is […]

Sunny Smoothie

photograph and text by Jessica Stammen Peeling and cutting fresh turmeric root has me caught orange handed on this bright and sunny spring day. Its deep, rich color is warm and bodes well despite the cooling trend forecasted to take place this weekend. Drinking this smoothie gives the same feeling of lying in bed at […]

A Postcard Home

postcard designed and sent by Margaret Rizzio

Like A Handstand

text by Jessica Stammen photograph unknown Last week I was asked to contribute a guest post for Delicious Musings.  Sharon Kitchens, the blog’s editor, is focussing on health and nutrition content for the month of March. What follows is the repost of my general musings about fitness and goal setting. * * * I just […]

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