The Maine
An artful dialogue about the wonders of the state.

Month: May, 2012

Finding Maine’s Bigfoot

photograph and text by Steve Vose The state of Maine is comprised of approximately 35,387 square miles. Most of this land consists of rugged and unclaimed wilderness; with barely 10 percent of the state considered urban or “civilized”. The remaining ninety percent of the state is heavily forested and comprised of thousands of miles of spruce thickets, […]

Tuesday Tunes

photograph by Brian Willson What does a yellow warbler sound like? Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, a little sweet! Editor’s note: usually our Tuesday Tunes goes posts at 2:30. Today we’re a little early because Brian reports that his local yellow warbler usually chimes in regularly at 1:11 or 1:12 everyday!

More Memory

photographs from the archive of J.P. Fecteau Boy, Rockport Harbor, 1981 Vinalhaven, 1981 Ingraham’s General Store, 1981 Andre The Seal, Rockport, July 1981 1982

We All Have Our Reasons: Memorial Day Edition

Recent act of vandalism/creativity: Trip to town 10 bucks fuel! Court summoms 139 bucks! The miles of smiles PRICELESS!! -Cliff (photograph by Emily Qualey)

Memorial Day

by Jessica Stammen This Memorial Day takes on new meaning for me. My brother Greg was deployed to Afghanistan three weeks ago. He flew out under the light of the supermoon and we’re not sure when he’ll be home. I do not get involved in politics (which I guess is a form of involvement in […]

A Special Restaurant

In the cutest cabin by a pond, with peepers all around. A surprise celebration for a woman who moved to Maine twenty years ago and who has inspired student creativity through color, thread, and theater. You might not be able to eat the scenery, but you can eat everything at Antonia’s “special restaurant.”

You Can’t Eat The Scenery

photographs and text by Nancy Albertson We arrived in midcoast Maine twenty years ago this Memorial Day weekend. Two decades of embracing the view from every angle and we are now fully engrossed with life in Rockport, Maine. As David Byrne questions in his popular song, Once in a Lifetime, “You may ask yourself, well, how […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #523

Recent email from a friend in New York City, with subject title “Maine on My Mind:” ok- so pam’s folks are leaving their long time home in Long Island to move to Virginia. why? nobody knows. what does this mean? It means they are even FURTHER from their home in Maine. what does THAT mean? […]

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