The Maine
An artful dialogue about the wonders of the state.

21 Main: In Bloom

photographs and text by Jo Ellen Stammen How does our garden grow? With a little tissue paper and a few saplings our window garden has flower power! These 3-6 foot beauties seem to really catch the eye and delight sidewalk shoppers. I try telling myself the poison ivy I got from cutting the saplings was […]

Guide To Capturing A Quince Blossom

text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist I recently picked up a copy of Red Pine’s translation of Guide to Capturing a Plum Blossom, by Sung Po-jen, first published in 1238. Not a typo–this was written in China almost 800 years ago. The concept: 100 paintings of plum blossoms in varying stages, from Covered Buds to Forming Fruit. Each […]

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