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Month: July, 2012


photographs and text by Brian Willson Ah, summer in the Northern Hemisphere—the time of greatest biomass. Luxuriant foliage, swarming insects, grasses gone to seed, berries gone to fruit. And birds, birds everywhere. At least three, four times the number of birds that arrived in spring. Trouble is, it’s pretty damn hard to find ‘em. Glimpses, […]

Tuesday Tunes

photograph and text by Brian Willson What does a Black-Throated Green Warbler sound like? Zee, zee, ZOO, zee! Assuming you can endure the deerfly swarms long enough to stand for a moment in the woods these days, you might well hear—amid the voices of the red-eyed vireo and the hermit thrush and the occasional eastern […]

Bow and Arrow

photographs and text by Justin Gove Having a great time with Katie, Jesse, Megan, and an old recurve bow. Much of the time was spent trying to capture an arrow in flight. The last photo is the fruit of that labor. Safety Note: Archery should only be conducted under the supervision of responsible adults, in […]

Tom Brownell and Moving Adventuress

photographs and text by Maria Simpson for Rockport Marine Over the course of the year, I give a lot of tours to school classes. Although the teachers sometimes balk as their charges frolic through the heavy machinery and scaffolding, kids generally love the boatyard. For some kids, it is even a real “a-ha” moment–that they […]

Sunday’s Sunset

photograph by Gregory Dunham Another amazing sunset at Wadsworth Cove, Castine, 7/29/12 Gregory Dunham is a contemporary realist artist who lives and works in Castine. He has an incredible view of Wadsworth Cove.

The Great Schooner Race

photographs by Jim Dugan Gathering before the starting line in Rockland The Schooner Mary Day The Schooner Heritage The Ketch Angelique

Demo Days!

Today from 9am to 12pm on Hosmer Pond!

Free For The Taking

an ongoing search by Shannon Thompson  

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