The Maine
An artful dialogue about the wonders of the state.

Tuesday Tunes

photograph and text by Brian Willson What does a Red-Eyed Vireo sound like? Vireo! You might not notice, but any time you walk through a mixed woodland these days you’re liable to hear the song of a red-eyed vireo. Probably more than one red-eyed vireo, in fact. They’re arguably our most common summer-calling forest bird. […]

Are You a Gear Head?

text by Steve Vose Beware of friends, returning from the backwoods of West Virginia, bearing mason jars filled with a clear liquid smelling reminiscent of lighter fluid and possessing the smooth throat pleasing drinkability of crushed glass with an iodine chaser. Hence is the reason, I am currently attempting to write something witty, while lying […]

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