The Maine
An artful dialogue about the wonders of the state.

Tuesday Tunes

photograph and text by Brian Willson What does the Eastern Wood-Pewee sound like? “Pee-a-weee!” (Pause about ten seconds.) “Pee-a-weee!” (Pause about ten seconds.) “Pee-a-weee!” (Pause about ten seconds.) “PEE-ooooh!” The woods and fields are mostly quiet in afternoon these days. A few crickets singing, a cicada or two, the sound of an acorn dropping from […]

The Gentleman

My brother is a Navy pilot and his callsign is The Gentleman. He’s currently deployed in Afghanistan far, far away from his home in Maine. This is his current dispatch. I just spent the past 48 hours switching over to days which makes my schedule much easier. I am enjoying the sun very much over […]

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