The Maine
An artful dialogue about the wonders of the state.

Very Windy

photograph and text by Brian Willson Late hike with Jack. Cool, clear, and very windy—so windy that I had trouble hearing the faint sounds of the remnant native birds. I did hear the note of a hermit thrush. Twice. And two roving bands of chickadees. A solitary waxwing. A solitary catbird. A crow. The only bird […]

Made By Freya

The Maine is excited to share pages from Marcie Jan Bronstein’s recently published Fotoplay!, a unique prompt book for children. Each page begins with a photograph or fragments of photographs that invite the reader’s imagination to play on, play with and play off-of. Enjoy glimpses of the resulting creativity here, or visit the gallery on Marcie’s website for […]

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