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Month: October, 2012

Outdoor Cooking

text by Steve Vose I offer a word of caution when working around open flames. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher, water hose and shovel handy should the flames escape the pit. Carefully remove any hazards that may cause an individual to trip or fall in the pit area. Wear fire retardant clothing that […]

Mushroom Fever

photographs and text by Karen Zimmerman Death by mushroom happens every year, as it has for hundreds of years, but it does not deter me from gathering my favorite edible fungus, Grifola frondosa, sometimes called hen of the woods. Death in mushroom is a newer concept, and one I first heard of at a recent mushroom party. […]

Huffington Post: Meet 92-Year-Old Beekeeper Stan Brown

photograph and text by Sharon Kitchens My second piece for the Huffington Post can be read here. Find out about Maine’s oldest registered beekeeper Stan Brown. Check it out!

End Of Summer Hive Inspection

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens My wonderful bee mentor Deborah, without whom I’d be lost as a new beekeeper, invited one of Maine’s own “Swarm Team” Keith Kettelhut over for the last inspection before tucking the hives in for winter. I’ll have him back in the spring** for another inspection when Deborah and I […]

What May Come

photographs by David Wright Almost no boats remain in North Haven Harbor as Hurricane Sandy nears. Looking to the east, above; and looking to the west, below.

Toward Resilience

photographs by Jessica Stammen Lucky ducky got to work backstage at the 2012 PopTech conference in Camden last weekend and meet some pretty phenomenal speakers! Double amputee snowboard star Amy Purdy and 17 year old gold medal boxer Claressa Shields Ginormous balloon sculpture in the Village Green by Jeff Hackenworth Conference MC Andrew Zolli on […]

Land Determines Your Livelihood

originally posted by Tons Of Land Faithful Venture is a farm located in Searsmont Maine, a working class community fifteen miles inland from the upscale tourist region on the coast.  In 2001 Glendon was running a small dairy farm, was married, had three children, and had a full-time job as a state dairy inspector.  Today, […]


photographs by Levi Christiansen Levi recently relocated to Maine; in a former life he was a photographer.

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