The Maine
An artful dialogue about the wonders of the state.

Month: August, 2013

North Atlantic Silver Moon Fish

photograph by David Wright shooting for @aarp_official Last week we had this tiny, beautiful silver fish come up in one of our lobster traps. It definitely isn’t native to Maine and looks to be some type of tropical fish. I haven’t sent it to any marine biologists yet but plan to do so soon. Maybe one […]

The DIY Days Of Lobster Gear

text by Kaitlin Webber for The Working Waterfront Island kid Richard LeMoine Jr. standing in front of wooden lobster traps, 1954. Courtesy of the Christal Applin Collection. A warning: this column contains some “back in my day” nostalgia. I’ll be borrowing it from others since my own material only covers cassette tapes, sending your film […]

Free For The Taking

an ongoing search by Shannon Thompson  

Mount Katahdin Hike Reflections

video, photographs, and text by Steve Vose “Man is born to die, his works are short lived. Buildings crumble, monuments decay. Wealth vanishes, but Katahdin in all it’s glory, forever shall remain the mountain of the people of Maine.” – Percival P. Baxter “If you have to ask why men climbs mountains, you will never understand […]

The Gentleman

My brother is a Navy pilot and his callsign is The Gentleman. He finished his first deployment this past fall and is currently stationed on base in Washington State. On a his week long leave The Gentleman takes a redeye flight from west coast to east to visit his family. Mom and Dad pick him […]

Tuesday 207 Bonus & The Maine Sunday Telegram

painting by Jessica Stammen Editor’s note: Couldn’t help but publish this little painting to pair with the work in the post below — both were inspired by the same paddle on the same day. Click here or click on the image above to view the auction for this 4 x 4 inch oil painting. Also, […]

Tuesday 207

painting by Jessica Stammen About this painting: Some summer days are clear and hazy at the same time, contradictory conditions that charge the air with an extra measure of wonder. One day, nestled close to the surface of the water we could feel the atmosphere close around us as we paddled along the Pemaquid River to […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #13.1

Yesterday morning, this photo and its caption by Steve Cartwright: Marshall Point, Port Clyde…I was driving around putting up mile markers (lobster buoys) for Sunday’s Blueberry Cove benefit half marathon. There are worse jobs.

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