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Month: October, 2013

Island Ghosts, Zombies And Scaring Oneself Silly

text by Kaitlin Webber for The Working Waterfront The “Cloud House,” Atlantic, Swan’s Island. This was once the home of Walter and Etta Stockbridge Joyce. It is supposedly haunted by their daughter Bernice (1894-1959), who received a brain injury as an infant when Etta fell downstairs while carrying her. The name Cloud House comes from […]

E. B. White – To Save, Or To Savor?

via jesssmithmaine “I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve (or save) the world and a desire to enjoy (or savor) the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” E. B. White

Marion Cunningham’s Breakfast Apple Pie

photograph and text by Sharon Kitchens This weekend needed some feel-good baking and Marion Cunningham’s recipes have yet to let me down in that department. Pie has always been one of my comfort foods and I have apples to use up from my share in Super Chilly Farm’s Maine Heritage Apple CSA, so apple pie it […]

Cider Pressing

photographs by Jonathan Ives & Jessica Stammen

Tuesday 207

paintings by Jessica Stammen This fall I’ve been grateful to join staff and apprentices at The Carpenter’s Boat Shop on some of their extracurricular adventures. Two weeks ago we went apple picking at Clark’s Cove Farm, admittedly doing more salvaging than picking. Crouched on the ground we gleaning dropped apples in the dappled afternoon light, […]

German Apple Pancake

photographs, text, and recipe by Megan Bedford I woke up early this morning, enjoying the full luxury of Sunday. For some time I pondered a short story I’ve been writing in my head for probably too long now, stretched comfortably across the length of my supportive pregnant-lady body pillow. When the sun rose high enough […]

Apple Picking At Sewall’s

photograph by Justin Gove

Close To Ready

photographs and text by Lisa Dorr of Le Bouton Studio beginning again from the beginning. infant, and small child. i am designing a new line! i hope to debut it in a new shop site! these pieces are the base collection. i wanted to make very simple shapes, without the gew-gaws that seem to overwhelm […]

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