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Month: December, 2013

Never Again Have Frozen Fingers

text by Steve Vose Mind numbing cold, fueled by a bitter north wind, tears at my body in the predawn light. The motor on my ice auger coughs and sputters like a two pack a day smoker trying desperately to pull oxygen from the air. Obscenities spew forth from my frozen mouth but are quickly […]

Wicked Dark

haiku by Kristen Lindquist Even in this dark I can tell those are white pines.

American Legion

photograph via tons of land

A Walk With Mrs. Peel

photographs and text by Karen O. Zimmerman It is a clear January morning and the temperature outside is three degrees. (Editor’s note: that’s right, we’re taking a look back at last winter and Karen’s adventures on ice!) The ground is white with snow that has crusted over and looks as hard and cold as ice. I […]

Red Tail, Blue Sky

photographs and text by Brian Willson Cold and achingly clear today. I shoveled the rest of the walkways, etc., and got a lot of work done. Then went with dog to Beech Hill. Someone—perhaps two people—had tramped down my snowshoe tracks from yesterday, making today’s hike a lot easier. Nobody else hiking while we were […]

Tuesday 207

painting by Jessica Stammen “Next goal ties.” It’s how they always end a good game of hockey on this pond. *** Every Tuesday The Maine will post a new painting by Jessica Stammen. These small works, all 4 x 4 inches on cradled birchwood panels, will be concurrently listed for auction on, a fantastic platform designed by […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #967

Snowstorm facbebook status: So we went to aid the older man who was flailing in the snow next to the walkway he had been shoveling on my street. A cardiac emergency? What happened?! “Are you ok?” “Oh yes. Just making a snow angel.”  Happy blizzard, everyone.

Free For The Taking

an ongoing search by Shannon Thompson

Maine Farmland Trust