The Maine
An artful dialogue about the wonders of the state.

Two Weeks And Counting…

photograph by Justin Gove Editor’s note: If you’ve been wondering why our Culinary Landscape contributor, Megan Bedford of  Megansmark, hasn’t been posting regularly,! this should explain. The woman’s been busy! 

Maine Sprout

painting by Colin Page I don’t get many opportunities to paint my daughters from life, but I have done a few quick sketches when they are young and less mobile. [This is a] quick sketch of my youngest daughter painted from life. She’s a bit squirmy, but a fun challenge to paint. [This painting] was […]

Don’t Even Feel The Cold

painting by Jessica Stammen It was a frigid, frigid afternoon. But this was the first skate of the season and so on this ice, in this light, the temperature didn’t matter. Enjoy today’s bonus painting. At 8×10 inches it is the big brother of the two most recent 207 paintings (here and here) but unlike […]

Maine Farmland Trust