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Month: May, 2014


photograph by Kathi Bahr

Forsythia & The Drain (A Lucky Study In Yellow)

photograph and text by John Ames Maine has had a lousy winter and a spring that is almost as bad. However, when this kind of extreme weather happens there always seems to be some plant or other that gets a boost from the hardship most other plants had to struggle to endure. This year it […]

Riding For Hope, Liberty, And Freedom

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson Our training plan said to ride bikes for 3 hours. Mara wanted to ride for 5. _________ Bike: 65 miles, nearly 5 hours including 3 photo stops, 2 pee breaks, 3 slipped chains, 1 lost straw, 1 map check Run: 3 miles, 30 minutes (Mara ran faster)

Tuesday 207

painting by Jessica Ives Polly’s Folly regatta on Megunticook Lake last September — what a beautiful day. Was it just a dream? No. A memory? Yes. A memory strong enough to last a winter and bring summer and more sailing back around again. *** Every Tuesday The Maine will post a new painting by Jessica Ives. These […]

The Metal Underground

via the EQ During my 15 weeks at the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies, I made this short video on a guy named Aaron Marcy, a stonemason whose hobby is metal detecting. He writes about his finds on his blog, The Metal Underground, which is also what I titled this piece. He’s got a great voice and […]

The Herd

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson We were rolling by 5 this morning, the light coming up just enough to brush the world with color, the air crisp and full of birdsong. There was little traffic on the roads, only a handful of builders in their pickups headed to early jobs, offering us a rare chance to talk a […]

Free For The Taking

an ongoing search by Shannon Thompson 3 more in barn. Mountain Street, Camden.


via the EQ It’s late in the season, but we’re getting it done.

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