The Maine
An artful dialogue about the wonders of the state.

Miss Fussbudget Goes Bicycling

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson As a kid, when I was especially cranky, my parents would threaten to throw Miss Fussbudget in the nearest major river. Exactly which one depended on where we lived; in the Michigan years it was the Detroit River; in St. Louis, the Mississippi. I don’t know where Miss F. ended up when we […]

Why I think I’ll Finish

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson This photo. It makes me sob. Literally: gasping, shaking, streaming tears of relief and joy. I can FEEL that finish line in my cells.  Sometimes on my runs, I’ll find myself envisioning the finish, and I can hear the announcer: “Shannon Thompson of Camden, Maine, congratulations! You…are…an…IRONMAN!” The crowds are going wild […]

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