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Month: September, 2014

Tuesday 207

paintings by Jessica Ives This week my two brothers and one sister-in-law will be visiting. This marks the first time my family has been in the same place at the same time in three years — and the first time we’ve been together at our home in Maine for many more. Despite life’s demand they live elsewhere […]

A Dock…Seeing It Differently

photograph and text by John Ames Sometimes you can understand more about something by thinking about it less.

Big Daddy

painting by Lily Hamill Big Daddy, 9″ x 12″ acrylic on wood panel Besides running one of Midcoast Maine’s epicenters of fitness, Lily Hamill paints dog portraits by commission. She’s “ruff” and tough.

Always Working Two Jobs (At Least)

photograph and text by John Ames Here in Maine we always need to be concerned about where our next buck is coming from. As a photographer I loved this sign my wife and I came across today. Talk about ingenuity! Photographs and turkey calls, what a combination!


photographs and haikus by Kristen Lindquist Friends shelter from gusts, gulls spreading overhead– stiff winds, cocktails.


photograph by Jonathan Ives

Home Grown Shapes: Wooden Surfboards Of Maine

 exhibit curated by Kurt Spurdikus at the Maine Maritime Museum In the last decade, the building of hollow wooden surfboards has taken off, especially in Maine which boasts the world’s largest wooden surfboard company and many individuals who design and build their own. Individuals who build surfboards are commonly called shapers. Homegrown Shapes: Wooden Surfboards […]

Fall Blooming

text by Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors editor Polly Saltonstall Some plants, like blueberries, grow faster after they have been pruned or burned. The stress forces a reaction — a frenetic, last-chance, all-out blooming. Fall has that affect on me. Each day of warm sun seems so extraordinary. Each sail out on the bay feels […]

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