The Maine
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Month: October, 2014

Swift Arrow

text by Jonathan Ives Hiding behind a large red oak tree, I can feel the moisture of the soft moss soaking into my khaki dress pants. I hear the voices of my niece and nephew get louder as they run down the trail, calling out my name. My bright yellow shirt gives me away and they run […]


photograph by Jonathan Ives

All Set Up And Ready To Go! Let The Cider Flow!

cider pressing by The Carpenter’s Boat Shop

We All Have Our Reasons: #1490

A status recently posted to the book of faces:  “On the way in to the Post Office to get my mail, I looked over my shoulder and up at the clock on the church spire across the street to see how late I was. The clock looked out of balance, sort of lumpy. As I […]

Fall Trio

photographs by John Ames

Tuesday Tune: Hermit Thrush

 photograph by Brian Willson Hermit Thrushes arrive early around here, and leave late. I hadn’t seen any since fledgling season—at which point they grow quiet and even more secretive than usual—until today. In our mid-afternoon hike up the hill this glorious fall day (along with about three dozen other people and a half a dozen […]

Tuesday 207

painting and text by Jessica Ives View auction for “Up The Ramp, Monhegan“ On Monday I will take my last day trip to Monhegan for the season. My favorite walking path starts with the first step off the Hardy Boat and bee-lines to White Head via the graveyard, the lighthouse, and trail #7. The mates on the ferry […]

Not Sysco

photograph and text by Shannon Thompson At most restaurants, the Sysco truck pulls up to the back kitchen when they need ingredients. At Long Grain, this guy walks in the front door.

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