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Month: November, 2014

Lined Wool Jacket

handmade by Lisa Dorr of Le Bouton Studio Le bouton lined wool jacket. Drop shoulder, wide sleeves. Overlapping front with silver pin closure. This is in the Etsy shop. Xx!

He Thinks The Birds Should Come To Him

photograph by John Ames

The Pilgrims Of Plymouth Colony Were Lucky To Have Maine

 from Wikipedia Samoset (ca. 1590–1653) was a sagamore (subordinate chief) of an Eastern Abenaki tribe that resided at that time in what is now Maine. He was the first Native American to make contact with the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony. On March 16, 1621, Samoset entered the encampment at Plymouth and spoke to the colonists. He had learned his broken English from fishermen that came to fish […]

Crossing The Bar

text by Jonathan Ives The semi dory bounced in the chop as I slowed the boat and raised the outboard. I was in a foot of water and could clearly see the ocean floor all around my boat. I lunged for the spare oar and tried to paddle against the cold northwest wind, but it […]


photographs and text by Matthew Mychack Two months ago, I had no woodworking knowledge. I’m learning how to build boats, for free, for nine months, in Maine. Yesterday, I launched my first boat, a nine and a half foot cedar lapstrake Monhegan skiff. How’s that for fulfilling work?

Wind, Leaves

haiku by Kristen Lindquist A big animal wind flushes the leaves. We have no control.

New Roaster

photo, text, and coffee by Dan Dishner Good Morning, it’s Friday! At least it better be. I was in hopes that I would be roasting on my new roaster tomorrow but that’s not gonna happen. The roasted coffee shelves are almost empty. We only roast enough coffee to last a couple of weeks, small batches means […]

Black Is Made By Mixing All The Colors

paintings for sale by Jessica Ives What’s better than Black Friday? A week of color! Starting today and running through Wednesday the 26th, all paintings on my online store are available for half price. It’s my Thanks-For-Everything sale. I’m pretty darn grateful for all the folks who support me and allow me to pursue my passion […]

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