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Month: December, 2014

Find A Hole In The Beach

an excerpt from Maine Lingo: Boiled Owls, Billdads, & Wazzats by John Gould FIND A HOLE IN THE BEACH: To anchor in an emergency harbor because of storm or fog. To find a place to put up for the night when traveling; a motel.

Everyone Loves The Beach

Overheard In Portland Woman #1: “I can’t believe that she even dated someone who doesn’t like the beach.” Woman #2: “Does she really like going to the beach?” Woman #1: “EVERYONE LOVES THE BEACH.” Woman #2: “He doesn’t.” Woman #1: “That’s my point–he is the exception.” (Overheard by JR on Temple Street)

The Bluffs, Bar Harbor, Maine; November 18, 2014 (Beachcombing series No.85)

photographs and text by Jennifer Steen Booher Polypropylene rope, sea glass, driftwood, beach stones (basalt, granite, schist?), Blue Mussel (Mytilus edulis), crab claws (prob. Cancer borealis), Periwinkle (Littorina sp.), wire, Dog Whelk (Nucella lapillus), Waved Whelk (Buccinum undatum), Green Sea Urchin (Strongylocentrotus drobachiensis), Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus), Rockweed (Fucus vesiculosus), pottery fragment, rusted metal with […]

Photo Foul-Up As Forest Fire

photograph by John Ames

Hard Up

an excerpt from Maine Lingo: Boiled Owls, Billdads, & Wazzats by John Gould HARD UP: To be up against it, but not quite a pauper. When you get so hard up you have to call on (for town aid), you no longer have your head above water. It also means a last-ditch conjecture: “I’d have to be awful hard up to […]

Making Holiday Candy with Felicia Buck in Aroostook County

text and photographs by Sharon Kitchens of Delicious Musings Can you believe we are already one week into December?!  Time for Americans to consume a ridiculous amount of desserts. These are not your everyday convenience store bought treats, but rarer homemade ones like fruitcake made by your great-aunt and fudge by a friend from farming […]

Mail Art Gift Subscription

mail art designed and sent by Margaret Rizzio Each month, a piece of original mail art will be sent to the person of your choice (think of it as buying someone a subscription to the mail). The Mail art will be created from a special collection of unique prints, vintage ephemera and other found materials, a piece will […]

Coasta Maine

photo, text, and coffee by Dan Dishner A sneak peak in the roasting drum at all the action. Thank you all for patiently waiting and cheering us on. Enjoy the day. — D A nice medium roast with a foundation of beans from Costa Rica. This is a smooth cup of coffee with just enough bite […]

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