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Month: January, 2015

Lunch At The Sand Bar

photograph by Shannon Thompson

6″ Saturday… 2 feet on Monday and Tuesday? Maine, you’re killing my pond hockey vibes

photograph by Matthew Mychack

Pond snow clearing – it takes a neighborhood

photograph by Leila Murphy

Tuesday 207: Pond Hockey Sketch

painting and text by Jessica Ives Sometimes brushstrokes must be as quick and direct as shots on goal in the chilling afternoon light. Next goal ties. +++ Every Tuesday morning The Maine and will post a new 207 Painting for sale. For a limited time these small works, each 4 x 4 inches on cradled birchwood panel, will be available for […]

Next Goal Ties

photographs and text by Jonathan Ives Every winter The Carpenter’s Boat Shop sets up a hockey rink on a small pond in New Harbor. Built with 2x6s screwed into a 2×4 base, the height of the rink is just enough to keep the puck in and the snow out. Still, it’s a lot of work […]

Shake Hands With Your Heart

poem by Dave Morrison, included in his new collection of poems,  Shake Hands With Your Heart, coming out this week Every time it felt like too much, every time her thoughts shouted over each other, every time the gears of her mind or the grasping of her heart made her feel weary and bruised she would say […]

It’s Been A Ferry Good Week

photographs by Shannon Thompson

21 Main

window display by Jo Ellen Designs

Maine Farmland Trust