The Maine
An artful dialogue about the wonders of the state.

Month: April, 2015

Tuesday 207: Brothers & Bass

painting by Jessica Ives From the Orvis Guide to Family Friendly Fishing, by Tom Rosenbauer: The first family fishing trip should be a short one. It should be timed carefully to coincide with the very best time of the year for panfish, small bass, or juvenile saltwater species because your goal is for every one […]

Pool’s Open

photograph by Susan Williams


poem by Dave Morrison Note from Dave: Friends, I am being given so much help and care from so many people that it makes me dizzy with gratitude. I offer this poem as small thanks. Joy What makes me want to throw myself at your feet? I am no longer broken to that degree, not desperate […]

Stop Right There

inspiration by Happier Outside

Free An ATV With The “Z”

photographs and text by Steve Vose The hour was late and in attempting to hurry back to camp, I inadvertently misjudged my ATV’s ability to successfully navigate a sizeable mud filled obstruction and was immediately and hopelessly mired. Having suffered through multiple back operations and lacking a wench, I was in the middle of contemplating […]

Waterside Still Life

painting and text by Colin Page I can’t seem to stop painting fishy still lives. This one was especially fun to put together, the fish spilling out across a nautical tablecloth. The fish sometimes look like they’re swimming through the scene. The other fabric in this painting has some orange coi in the pattern, repeating […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #75

A sure sign of spring in Maine: the local ice cream shack opens before a single leaf buds on any tree. Thanks to Lianne McCluskey for this shot.

Corner & Ribs

photograph by Jonathan Ives

Maine Farmland Trust