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An artful dialogue about the wonders of the state.

Month: September, 2015

Tuesday 207: About Life

painting by Jessica Ives I am unable to distinguish between the feeling I have about life and the way I translate it. Henri Matisse Do. Be. Do. Be. Do. Frank Sinatra +++ 207 Paintings post everyish Tuesday around 5:30am EST on both The Maine  and Save thirty percent on any 4×4 inch oil on panel painting by making your […]

And The Fog Rolled In

photographs, painting, and text by Ingrid Ellison Personally, I love the fog, it takes me back to my very early childhood, having spent many a day stuck on a boat with my family  waiting for the fog to lift. While we sat on our mooring, my brother and I would pretend to be puppies on […]

So Many Monarchs

photographs and text by Brian Willson Scrambled around this morning to make sure to get to the boat on time. Made it! And within the hour, daughter and I were setting foot on Monhegan Island. A more magical place I’m not sure I’ve ever been to. The usual fall-migration birding hasn’t really taken off yet, […]

Cathy Sherrill, The Opera House Director

video by Peter Southwick Cathy Sherrill arrived at the Boothbay Harbor Opera House as a volunteer and has stayed on to become executive director.

We’re In Maine Now

overheard in portland Young woman to young man: “We forgot the f***in’ football, didn’t we?” Young man: “Watch your mouth. We’re not in New Hampshire anymore.”

Rockland Harbor

photograph by John Ames It’s all about the color yellow and a host of vertical elements.

First Light On The Islands

photographs and text by Polly Saltonstall Editors note: On the last day of summer we reflect with Polly on a season full of so much beauty. The weather in Maine this summer has not been as hot as some of us might like, but as far as I’m concerned the sunrises and sunsets have more than made […]

Book Of Days

haikus by Kristen Lindquist Early Morning, Sound Of Feathers I hear wings flapping but fall back asleep too tired yet for the divine. Just Before Dawn Just before dawn a single crow caws– I’m not the only one awake. Sounds Like Spring End of summer– in the backyard phoebe calling again. Night Bells Buoy bell […]

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