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Month: September, 2015

Bird Dog Of The Day

photograph by Jamie Bloomquist My sup partner tonight. Looking for loons.

We All Have Our Reasons: #4981

We agree with Ruth Griffin: What a beautiful September this is turning out to be.


photograph via the EQ The new Garbage to Garden website is up!

Tuesday 207: Putt-Putt Par

painting by Jessica Ives I needed to have a little fun with the 207 feature this week so I joined Jonathan for a late summer round of nine holes. Not eighteen. Just nine. It’s been a jam-packed season and there’s no more need to overachieve. It’s time to slow down to the putt-putt speed of a […]

Long Pond Mornings: Photos of Acadia’s Quiet Side

photographs by Jim Dugan

The Harbor

photographs and text by Christopher A. Stanley Once as I was watching the lobster boats at Shaw’s Wharf in New Harbor, I saw a small boat come in carrying a father and son who had been out lobster hauling together.  The boy, probably about ten years old, was dressed in the same orange waders as […]

The Rocks at Turtle Head

photographs by Jim Dugan I love rocks but tend to prefer the igneous: granites and basalts. I like their textures, their born-in-fire heritage, the way the glaciers left their plutons rounded as our islands and mountains. Sedimentary rocks mostly have (for me) less appeal. Their birth as ancient muddy seabeds feels less dramatic than those […]

Quarry & Queen Anne’s

photographs by Jane Kurko  

Maine Farmland Trust