The Maine
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Month: July, 2016


photo by Jim Dugan I was out for a sunrise walk in Rockland. The water was glassy, reflecting just the right mixture of clouds and sky. Then a lobster boat went by, throwing up a perfect wake. As I was photographing, a cormorant (locally called “shag”) surfaced.

My Maine Mermaid

display by Jo Ellen Designs My Maine mermaid and fish coin purses!

Tuesday 207: Dwelling

painting by┬áJessica Ives A house is a dwelling. So is the body. Monhegan’s Red House was the island’s first home and because of excellent craftsmanship, great care, and unique character it has withstood time and the elements since 1790. The human body, likewise, is built to last. What can we do to take great care […]

Good Advice

photo by Linda Zeigler Favorite sign ever at the Camden transfer station.

Maine Farmland Trust