A Kick In The Pants!

photographs and text by Steve Vose


It was a long, cold and unforgiving Maine winter, like the kind they had in the days before global warming and Gore-Tex. This calamity of unusual weather weighed heavily on my psyche and was further compounded by my inability to pursue my passion for ice fishing due to a back injury suffered while shoveling snow. Funk dug deep into my soul and despite my best attempts to circumvent its vile intrusion, it dominated my mood for the last several month of winter. By spring’s arrival I half expected my disposition to improve but despite my best efforts to creep off the couch, this active outdoorsman was having a difficult time finding the mental and physical strength to motivate.

What I desperately needed was a project; or perhaps more precisely, what I really needed was a good solid kick in the pants!

Enter on the scene my good friends at Duluth Trading Company. This organization certainly understands work wear, but even more importantly they truly understand workers. They know not only how to design clothing that is comfortable, functional, and durable, but they also understand how quality work wear and equipment can make even the toughest, dirties jobs infinitely easier.

It’s a typical hot, damp, and buggy spring day in Maine. I am dressed neck to ankle in clothing from Duluth Trading Company, including their infamous Armachillo Workshirt and Duluth Flex Firehose Work Pants. Despite the adverse conditions — most notably the constant hum of Maine’s state bird, the notorious blackly — I am feeling light and happy for the first time in months. With the help of Duluth Trading Company, I have been my much needed kick in the pants. With a small project starter grant and a merchandise gift card, I am now out planting apple trees with the help of my family and friends . . . most notably my two young children.

Apple trees require much care and tenderness in their first several years of growth, and this notion of caring for another living thing is an extremely valuable lesson to pass on to children. What a perfect Father’s Day present to plant apple trees with my sons; and what a treasured gift to be able to teach them how to someday grow into caring, patient, and nurturing fathers.

Special thanks to Duluth Trading Company and my friends and family, who all came together to lend a hand in creating amazing memories and a future orchard to feed generations of man and beast!