Advent, Day 13: In Search Of Snow

Dear readers,
 The Maine for an adventure a day, each day of this advent season — big or small, by land or sea, with friends or solo, in image or word, exuberant or contemplative, real or conceptual. We live in a state of wonder, its wide open spaces anticipating our
hope and joy.

Last winter team Stammen (Jess, Tom and Greg) asked a fair question “Where’s the snow?” and embarked upon a search. We think today, on the thirteenth day of advent 2012, well into December and so very close to the official first day of winter, the question is relevant once again.

No snow to shovel.

No ice to skate.

Tap-tap, crack!

Crunch-crunch!  No snow to make snowshoe tracks.


I dream of winter
zipping, whipping down the hill
me, my sled and I.

haiku by Gregory Stammen