And The Fog Rolled In

photographs, painting, and text by Ingrid Ellison

photo 1

Personally, I love the fog, it takes me back to my very early childhood, having spent many a day stuck on a boat with my family  waiting for the fog to lift.

photo 2

While we sat on our mooring, my brother and I would pretend to be puppies on the foredeck, or get into mischief like making “peanut butter” out of cocktail peanuts and the last stick of  butter.  My nine year old self was certain this was how it was made. While we waited, my mother would try to keep us occupied and quiet so my Dad could listen to the NOAA forecast in hopes of leaving the harbor.  She came up with all sorts of crafty things to keep us occupied.  One year she made me an actual corn husk doll and I spent the remainder of the trip fashioning clothes out of our limited supply of paper towels and learning to tie knots with my Dad so I could make belts for the doll.  Another time she gave us the used tin foil and made a whole forest of little animals to play with.  When I think back on those days I definitely remember bowing over the rail and feeling seasick, but I also remember discovering ways to make things with whatever was at hand.  I think that is why now all these years later I still enjoy making things and playing with whatever new materials I can get my hands on.

photo 3

oil on panel with…glitter, 24″ x 24″

I hope you are all getting to tap into that playful side of yourselves. Whether it be in the studio, or kitchen or garden or beach, find something new to mess around with!

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