poem by Dave Morrison, included in his new collection of poems,
 Shake Hands With Your Heart, coming out this month

My college roommate was
from King of Prussia Pennsylvania –
he fell in love with a Business
Ethics major from Truth or
Consequences New Mexico.
Now they live in Hell For
Certain Kentucky where they are
Civil War re-enactors who grow
pot in the woods.

Where am I going with this?
I suppose that words are like that
worn blue blanket I clutched as
a toddler – comfort in a big loud
world.  Forgive me if the words
become droplets, and I the leaky
faucet, it’s just that writing is
cheaper than drinking even if
less socially acceptable.  My
stories are like anthills – evidence
of something odd and complex
below the surface.

My cousin was born on a farm in
Bethlehem Pennsylvania and laid
in a manger.  Because he was a
happy child who loved vegetables
they called him the Prince of Peas.

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