Baby Peregrine Falcons

photograph, video and text by Atlantic Climbing School

On June 1st ACS owner Eli Simon along with ACS guide Grant Simmons assisted Acadia National Park staff in banding three juvenile peregrine falcons. These birds are the fastest animal on the planet and can dive up to 250 mph! They commonly nest on exposed cliffs, which makes it very challenging to access and band the chicks. Our job was to climb up the cliff and then rappel down to the nest. Once we were beside the nest we gently placed the chicks in padded canvas bags and lowered them with a rope down to the ground where they were banded by Park staff. We then carefully hauled the padded  bags with the chicks inside back to the nest site and placed the chicks where we had found them. There were three chicks at this location this year and as you can see they are absolutely adorable. Below is a video of our experience with these remarkable birds. ACS would like to offer a big thanks to Bruce Connery and the rest of the ANP staff for letting us help out.

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