Birds & Bees: Great Cluck Egg Farm

photograph by Winky Lewis
text by Sharon Kitchens

Dear readers, I have fun news regarding the chickens. Almost all 11 girls are laying big brown eggs. The local market, who is giving me vegetable scraps for them, offered to sell some. Cool! They asked me to slap a label on them, so that meant coming up with a name. My always clever friend M and her husband came up with the “Great Cluck Egg Farm” after Big Red Barn was nixed in the final round of name choices circulated to a few friends/food folk. Check out the Great Cluck Egg Farm Facebook page I created.

Next step, figuring out transferring the name/illustration M’s brilliant artist husband designed (oh, just a late night doodle..seriously!?! wait till you see it!!).

Editor’s note: Sharon is documenting her entire Birds & Bees experience on her blog Delicious Musings and The Maine is pleased to repost some of her adventures and mis-adventures in raising chickens and keeping bees for the first time. See the original post here.