Birds & Bees: Painting My Hives

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens

The painting of my hives took two Sundays. Well, two half-days. Gorgeous days when I opened up the barn doors, plugged in my iPod Stereo or laptop and tuned into Pandora, munched on peanut-butter covered pretzels and tuned out while prepping homes for thousands of new residents. Note, you ONLY paint the exterior of the boxes.

Editor’s note: Sharon is documenting her entire Birds & Bees experience on her blog Delicious Musings and The Maine is pleased to repost some of her adventures and mis-adventures in raising chickens and keeping bees for the first time. Her recent “Apiculture 101” post and the play-by-play report of her “Nucleus Colony Install” are both rich with information if the hive painting has piqued your interest!