Birds & Bees: Seventeen Weeks

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens

The girls are seventeen give or take a day or two.  Here are a few pics from the past week…

Field Trip! I open up the door to the run and every time four (Dorothy Parker, Isak Dinesen and two others – not sure which ones but Buff Orpingtons) jump out. The rest go about their business or just sit at the edge and watch. I always bring treats (kale, berries…) for those who don’t get out. I’m letting the four stay out longer and stray further each time, but only when I’m outside gardening…Sometimes, especially the past few days when my energy level was low, I’ve taken to sitting in the apple tree and watching them. They are hilarious and have such personalities. The older they get the more distinct some are – and Dorothy & Isak are so close – they are always running back to each other and will even share a blade of grass – so sweet. Dorothy can be somewhat of a pushy broad though with the others so her outings are not always as long and I’m punished with deep red marks on my arms that last a day or two (from picking her up…I would never hurt any of them). Isak, bless her little chicken heart, comes to me every time or just sits there and lets me pick her up…I’ve taken to carrying her around the back. They are so much fun!

Not so happy to be back in the run.

Blueberries are one of their favorite treats.

Editor’s note: Sharon is documenting her entire Birds & Bees experience on her blog Delicious Musings and The Maine is pleased to repost some of her adventures and mis-adventures in raising chickens and keeping bees for the first time. See the original post here.