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Huffington Post: Meet 92-Year-Old Beekeeper Stan Brown

photograph and text by Sharon Kitchens My second piece for the Huffington Post can be read here. Find out about Maine’s oldest registered beekeeper Stan Brown. Check it out!

End Of Summer Hive Inspection

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens My wonderful bee mentor Deborah, without whom I’d be lost as a new beekeeper, invited one of Maine’s own “Swarm Team” Keith Kettelhut over for the last inspection before tucking the hives in for winter. I’ll have him back in the spring** for another inspection when Deborah and I […]

Egg Laying Chickens

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens The eggs have arrived!  After 21 plus weeks just as I was beginning to wonder would these ladies actually lay eggs, they did – well some of them anyway. I actually saw one of the Australorps lay an egg this morning! Plunk and it was there…and in the nesting box not the […]

Fifth Hive Inspection

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens Here’s what my bee mentor Deborah and I found this time… Queen cups found at the bottom of one frame Festooning (bees hanging onto each other in chains is called) Drone brood. Drones are male honey bees, they are larger than worker bees (so much so they can be mistaken […]

Birds & Bees: Seventeen Weeks

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens The girls are seventeen give or take a day or two.  Here are a few pics from the past week… Field Trip! I open up the door to the run and every time four (Dorothy Parker, Isak Dinesen and two others – not sure which ones but Buff Orpingtons) […]

The Chickens Are 13 Weeks

photograph by Sharon Kitchens Editor’s note: Sharon is documenting her entire Birds & Bees experience on her blog Delicious Musings and The Maine is pleased to repost some of her adventures and mis-adventures in raising chickens and keeping bees for the first time. See more photos from the twelfth and thirteenth weeks here and here.

Birds & Bees: Q&A with Rowan Jacobsen

interview by Sharon Kitchens Rowan Jacobsen is the James Beard Award-winning author of A Geography of Oysters: The Connoisseur’s Guide to Oyster Eating in North America, Fruitless Fall: The Collapse of the Honey Bee and the Coming Agricultural Crisis, and The Living Shore, about our ancient connection to estuaries and their potential to heal the oceans. He has written for the New York […]

Birds & Bees: Keeping Bees Giveaway

Editor’s note: Sharon Kitchens is documenting her entire Birds & Bees experience on her blog Delicious Musings, including the most recent post about her first hive inspection. The Maine is pleased to team with Sharon for this book giveaway!  This week I’m doing a giveaway with themaineblog, a site that has been graciously reposting my Birds & Bees posts. Ashley English, […]

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