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Food That Works

kickstarter by Malia Dell I have great news! My Kickstarter got Staff Picked! Which means someone on the Kickstarter team loved my project and wants to feature it on their site among other noteworthy projects!  I am so proud.  I must give a HUGE shout out to my talented, creative, beautiful friend Nicole Fuller, who […]

On Baking Bread (By One Who Can’t)

photographs and text by John Ames I’ve always thought of baking as a fussy, magical, messy kind of enterprise. Part math, part Merlin and part “how did all that stuff get on the floor”. I’ve occasionally tried baking myself with mixed results. (That assessment is a little generous.) When my boys were young I went […]

Coconut Cream Pie With Graham Cracker Crust

recipe and text by Megan Bedford photographs by Justin Gove It’s less than two weeks until baby’s due date, and last night I awoke with what was perhaps my only, or at least my most intense and bizarre food craving. (Editor’s note: Megan’s due date is this week! We’re reposting this recipe with a small […]

Marion Cunningham’s Breakfast Apple Pie

photograph and text by Sharon Kitchens This weekend needed some feel-good baking and Marion Cunningham’s recipes have yet to let me down in that department. Pie has always been one of my comfort foods and I have apples to use up from my share in Super Chilly Farm’s Maine Heritage Apple CSA, so apple pie it […]

Cider Pressing

photographs by Jonathan Ives & Jessica Stammen

German Apple Pancake

photographs, text, and recipe by Megan Bedford I woke up early this morning, enjoying the full luxury of Sunday. For some time I pondered a short story I’ve been writing in my head for probably too long now, stretched comfortably across the length of my supportive pregnant-lady body pillow. When the sun rose high enough […]

Fall Beauty

photographs by Ingrid Ellison

Maine Potato Harvest

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens I traveled north again to Aroostook County a couple weeks ago to cover Maine’spotato harvest. Tate McPherson again proved himself an excellent host/guide to the state’s northern most county. My favorite quote from the visit what when we were talking about the County and people’s perception (misconception) that everyone is […]

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