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Over The Edge

from the EQ

The Metal Underground

via the EQ During my 15 weeks at the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies, I made this short video on a guy named Aaron Marcy, a stonemason whose hobby is metal detecting. He writes about his finds on his blog, The Metal Underground, which is also what I titled this piece. He’s got a great voice and […]


via the EQ It’s late in the season, but we’re getting it done.

Tooth Twine

via the EQ “I soon realized I had made no mistake in my choice of a wife. I was helping her pack an overnight bag one afternoon when she said, ‘Put in some tooth twine.’ I knew then that a girl who called dental floss tooth twine was the girl for me.” —E. B. White, […]

The U.S. National Toboggan Races Are Here

photographs courtesy of the EQ Ladies Toboggan Race (circa 1900), from the Tyrrell Photographic Collection, Powerhouse Museum. A particularly mean looking competitor to the right.

Mom on the ferry ride home from Vinalhaven.

photograph by Emily Qualey

Black Duck

via the EQ Black Duck gets black. Black Duck at the ERR, thanks for the shot @psaltonstall!

Louise Nevelson

from the EQ My total conscious search in life has been for a new seeing, a new image, a new insight. This search not only includes the object, but the in-between place. The dawns and the dusks. The objective world, the heavenly spheres, the places between the land and sea…Whatever creation man invents, the image […]

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