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Northern Currency

text by Jonathan Ives photo by Lazy Acres Farm “I can’t believe I’m taking layers off,” I said out loud as I pulled my sweatshirt overhead, throwing it to the grass underneath the staging. “Yeah, it gets pretty hot with the sun on our backs,” Mark said smiling. “It’s hard to believe it’s already the […]

Seasons Of The Farm

photo by Lazy Acres Farm

Zucchini Will Not Be Ignored!

photo by Linda Zeigler

Making Holiday Candy with Felicia Buck in Aroostook County

text and photographs by Sharon Kitchens of Delicious Musings Can you believe we are already one week into December?!  Time for Americans to consume a ridiculous amount of desserts. These are not your everyday convenience store bought treats, but rarer homemade ones like fruitcake made by your great-aunt and fudge by a friend from farming […]

Snow Storm Harvest

 photograph by North Branch Farm   We did it! In 3 1/2 days with an amazing crew we harvested roughly 7000 lbs of cabbage, 2000 lbs of rutabaga, 5500 lbs of carrots, 700 lbs of turnips, and 400ish lbs of celeriac! With a snow storm to boot. I think we won the harvest marathon. Thank […]

All Set Up And Ready To Go! Let The Cider Flow!

cider pressing by The Carpenter’s Boat Shop

God Bless My Farmers

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson Been a while since I did a food post, mainly because no one wants to read about how to eat chunks of tofu dipped in soy sauce standing over the stove picking the broccoli out of the steamer with burning fingers, followed by two bowls of granola with hemp milk in bed. […]

Cow Trek

photograph and text by North Branch Farm After spending a few months in the back field with free choice hay and water, the cows made their annual 1/3 mile trek back to a pasture near the barn today. Its good to have them close by again! These are the littlest of the bunch. They are […]

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