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Wild About Wild Weather

photograph and text by Karen Zimmerman Hurricane Arthur was modest by storm standards, but still not your everyday weather. Our hurricane season is officially from 1 June to 30 November, but storms of official hurricane size do not happen every year. I was born during Hurricane Hazel, back when all hurricanes were female, and when […]

It’s Winter, Let’s Bond

photographs and text by Karen Zimmermann People post photos of their thermometers when it registers minus six, or minus twelve, and there is a heck of a lot of talk about degrees, wind chill factor, frozen pipes, and all the things that accompany record colds. But there is not much whining or self-pity. We live here. […]

A Walk With Mrs. Peel

photographs and text by Karen O. Zimmerman It is a clear January morning and the temperature outside is three degrees. (Editor’s note: that’s right, we’re taking a look back at last winter and Karen’s adventures on ice!) The ground is white with snow that has crusted over and looks as hard and cold as ice. I […]

Last Night’s Sunset

photograph by Karen Zimmermann

Signed, Sealed, Taped, and Delivered…With Love

photographs and text by Karen Zimmerman I am not good about birthdays, and rather than suffer annual pre-birthday stress about what to get, I simply get a gift when the right thing pops up, no matter what time of year. I had a nice collection for my nephew and his family, but had been neglectful […]

Looking For The Lookout

photographs and text by Karen Zimmerman Food, language, gardening, people, wildlife, history—the world is so full of wonder. My life skitters between them all, lacking focus perhaps, but never dull. Heading home to weed, a quick stop to chat with a neighbor set me off instead in pursuit of a watchtower. Otter Creek once had […]

Ans & Others, My Silent Friends

text by Karen Zimmerman A family group peers at the camera, dressed in their Sunday best. This photo is a souvenir from Sharon Springs, New York, a town that has seen better days. Sharon Springs is a bit rough, just like the unfinished lathes that frame the picture. There are seven people in this photo, […]

Following The Kansas Road

photographs and text by Karen Zimmerman It is Kansas Road, not Yellow Brick, which takes us to another world. Dorothy followed the yellow brick road and landed in Oz. We stuck bikes on our car and found ourselves on Kansas Road, light years from Otter Creek. Every year we go to a smelt fry in […]

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