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The Maine Coast Craft School

photo by Jonathan Ives The Maine Coast Craft School Philosophy: A useful, every-day item, such as a spoon, bowl or chair, made by the hands of the person using it or by someone they love, will bring enduring joy and meaning to ordinary tasks. Handmade objects, even very simple ones, are ambassadors of inspiration, artistic expression […]

Expanding Focus

words and vessels by Simon van der Ven Illuminated Lotus Form, porcelain, 5.75”h x 6”w I’ve been sticking pretty close to home, concentrating my energy, allowing myself to wander in the studio. Things are opening up. My friend, Garrett, once told me, “The only real power we have is where we place our focus.” I’m looking more carefully […]

Wood Fired

new work by Simon van der Ven Here are a few new pieces from the latest wood fire. (Thank you Jody Johnstone and crew.) Enjoy!

What Takes Your Breath Away?

porcelain vessels made as a collaboration between Simon van der Ven and Mark Bell . These pieces and a spectacular array of others will be at CRAFT gallery starting today, Friday, October 3.  Mark and I will be at tonight’s reception. +++ Inspiration pulls, influence pushes. I used this line during a slide presentation of my work early this summer. […]

From The Wrack Line Opens Tomorrow

new work by Siem van der Ven Come see the latest work from van der Ven Studios! The wrack line is the area just above the high tide line – a periphery that is neither and both ocean and land. This series of mixed media work is inspired by that rich and ever-changing space. The […]

Hands, Heart & Head

porcelain vessels and text by Siem van der Ven It’s true. I love bread. But an artist does not live on bread alone. Your presence and kindness feed me as well. Announcing two significant exhibitions: The first opens today, Thursday, February 13th at the Unity College Center for the Performing Arts.  The show is called Roots and […]

Hands, Heart & Head

porcelain vessels and text by Siem van der Ven Our annual Midcoast  Artists and Artisans Open Studio Tour is taking place this weekend, July 26 through 28. Keep an eye out for the bright pink signs. Go to for a map and more information. Please stop by to visit, browse, ask questions, and add to your collection. […]

Hands, Heart & Head

porcelain vessels by Simon van der Ven No Knead Bread  I understand this recipe came from a NYTimes article. I received it from friend, Janet Redfield. It’s quick, easy (with some forethought and planning), and has brought us great pleasure and satisfaction. I hope it does the same for you. Ingredients: 3 cups bread flour* 1/4 […]

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