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Oak Seedlings

photo and text by Maine Boats, Homes, and Harbors editor Polly Saltonstall These are not ferns or any other low growing ground cover. Rather they are oak seedlings. The result of last year’s massive acorn drop. I read somewhere that oak trees plan this. They go a 4 or 5 years without producing many acorns, […]

This Is What Conservation Looks Like

video by Land For Maine’s Future Coalition   For more than two decades, the Land for Maine’s Future Program has helped citizens protect the character of their towns and open spaces: Maine voters established the Land for Maine’s Future Program to secure public access for recreation, to conserve our most important habitats, to preserve Maine’s farming […]

New Day, Fresh Start

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Explore. Reveal.

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inspiration by Happier Outside Have you ever practiced Grounding? Maybe you have, and you didn’t call it that. It’s the delicious practice of taking your shoes off outside and standing with your feet firmly planted on the earth. It can be in dirt, in sand, in a pile of leaf litter… Better done off the pavement, […]

Go Take A Hike

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If You Sit For A While…

inspiration by Happier Outside If you sit for a while, surrounded by beauty and calm, peace starts to seep into your very soul – your breathing changes, your facial muscles relax, your shoulders ease down… and your mind will begin to stop its endless chatter. It’s the easiest and simplest way to improve your health, and […]

Stop Right There

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